Does Phen375 Work? A Technical Review

Phen375 is a 100% legal weight loss diet pills containing some of the most powerful fat-burning ingredients ever developed. It is one of the best if not the best weight loss pill available in the market.Phen375 was released into the market in the year 2009 as a result of years on the world’s best selling Phentermine diet pills which is recognized as the world’s most powerful appetite suppressant and fat burner.

Does Phen375 live up to its hype? Read this full review of Phen375 at Phen375 consumer reviews and get unbiased and honest reviews of Phen375 from real users.

Many weight loss pills come and go off the market quickly making wild claims of how effective they are. Unsuspecting dieters fall victim of this so called “Magic pills”, which leaves them vulnerable to the dangerous side effects. For over a period of two years, Phen375 has become the leading weight loss supplement and its popularity keeps growing. It is quite obvious that the reason behind its popularity is because Phen375 among the few diet supplement pills available in the market that really helps dieters shed off weight easily without inflicting any side effects on the users. Only a few weight loss pill can boast of that!

The reason why Phen375 was developed is because famous weight loss pill called Phentermine was banned by FDA. Even though Phentermine was very effective,the health of consumers was still at stake and for this reason it has been banned by the FDA.

To ensure that the millions of consumers still enjoy the positive benefits of such an effective weight loss supplement, doctors and scientists researched on the most effective and safer alternative to Phentermine .The result of years of research and thorough clinical tests led to the manufacture of Phen375,one of the world’s most effective fat burner and its subsequent release in the year 2009. Since it was released into the weight loss market, thousands of dieters have reported positive results.They all speak the same language, “Phen375 works like charm”!

Phen375 gives an all in one package for weight loss and because of this reason,Phen375 stands out from the clutter of other weight loss supplements or other fad diets program . Phen375 formula contains natural appetite suppressants and metabolism boosters. This means you will consume less calories and burn off more calories. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that this leads to weight loss!

Not only will Phen375 make it easy to shed off all those pounds, it also works to turn all that burnt fat and calories into usable energy. A surge of steady energy which lasts all day long will be experienced when you start taking Phen375. Muscle growth is also supported by Phen375 so you can show off those lean muscles after the fat melts off!

You can feel confident that you are getting the best possible product when you use Phen375.In this review I will try to cover all the possible questions you might have about Phen375. It has been used by thousands of dieters worldwide to get real results. Read the full review and learn why Phen375 is the most popular weight loss pill among thousands of dieters worldwide!

Do you think you’ve got it all figured out when it comes to dieting? Think again! The reason that millions of people fail to lose weight isn’t because of their genes or other excuses. In most cases, people are simply following bad diet advice. Here is the truth behind the top diet myths.


Phentemine375 is produced in FDA pharmaceutical registered labs. This assures the highest standards and guarantees that Phen375 is made using the highest standards and quality available.DO NOT GET SCAMMED VISIT ONLY PHEN375 OFFICIAL WEBSITE


To prove that Phen375 is not a scam nor does it have serious side effects, I will analyze all the six ingredients of Phen375 in this review. It is the combination of all of them which really makes Phen375 the most effective fat burner available in the market. It is different from other weight loss supplements because Phen375 did not just consider the fat-burning potential when formulating Phen375 ingredients. The following are the 6 main ingredients of Phen375 and the role they play in making Phen375 the most effective diet pill

L-Carnitine Tartrate

Carnitine (a type of enzyme) is a natural ingredient proven to be effective in the release of stored body fat into the bloodstream which will later be used for energy. For this reason, it has become very popular among bodybuilders and professional athletes. L-carnitine helps in the transportation of long-chain fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane to be metabolized and through this, turning of fats into furl is much easier.

L-carnitine is found in almost all ingredient list of weight loss supplements available in the market and Phen375 is no exception. This is because is known to be an effective fat burner . Addition of this amino acid to Phen375 helps you burn off fat while increasing your overall body energy. This is achieved by the release of stored body fat, triglycerides, into the bloodstream for energy, making your body burn existing fat easier.

It also helps you develop lean muscle mass. Just by having more muscle mass, your metabolism will be naturally boosted. This means that you get long-term results without the effort!

1, 3, 7-Trimethylxanthine

Trimethylxanthine is a type of caffeine. When caffeine is taken in moderation, it can have immense health benefits including promoting weight loss. It aids in weight loss by burning off more calories. Caffeine is known to support appetite suppression. When you eat less and burn more calories, it becomes very easy to lose weight!

LongJack Tongkat ALI 50:1

Tongkat Ali is an Asian tree extract. This natural product has some amazing properties, like being able to increase your metabolism .Faster metabolism is achieved by redirecting glucose from anabolic fat-production into catabolic energy metabolism thus; stored fat becomes easier to burn. Tongkat Ali also aids increased development of muscle tissue, forcing the body to consume more calories and burn stored fats.

It also prevents your body from being able to store fat. Instead, you burn off this fat as usable energy! Tongkat also is able to slightly increase your testosterone levels, making it easier to build up lean muscle mass. This is very important while dieting because weight-loss can cause your muscles to deteriorate. Many weight loss experts recommend losing fat and building muscle simultaneously via a combination of diet, exercise and supplements. A positive side effect of Tongkat is that it can increase your libido too!

Phen375 is a 100% legal weight loss diet pills containing some of the most powerful fat-burning ingredients ever developed.


Dimethypentylamine is the Ephedra replacement .It is made from geranium flower oil. It increases cyclic AMP levels within your body which in turn increase enzyme levels and boosts natural energy and increases your body temperature through a process called thermogenesis. When body temperature rises, more calories have to be burn to sustain this higher temperature. Your metabolism will therefore get a major boost! Metabolism is not only important for just burning calories but also efficiently using energy. With the metabolism boost that Phen375 gives you, you’ll have more energy and feel great!

It is important to note that geranium is very effective in burning fat for energy. Because of this, it has been banned by IOC so you should not use Phen375 if you are in competitive sports where drug testing is required.


Capsaicin, or the compound in chili peppers which make them hot, has gotten a lot of attention recently. That is because it has been scientifically proven in numerous studies to help with weight loss. Capsaicin helps the body to easily absorb the other ingredients, aids in the intake of chemicals and boosting their effects by motivating certain receptors whose function is to increase blood flow. By increasing blood flow to small blood vessels within fat capsaicin-1.12 greatly improves the effectiveness of Phen375 where fat is stored.

The heat from Capsaicin will increase your body temperature to facilitate thermogenic burn which causes your body to auto-magically burn calories. With each 0.5 degree Celsius temperature increase, your resting metabolism goes up 7%. When you take Capsaicin before exercising, your active metabolism gets an even greater boost. This ingredient of Phen375 alone can help you burn off an additional 270 calories daily without exercising.

Capsaicin and Weight loss the Science

1. Appetite Suppression

According to a study conducted in the year 2009, increased Capsaicin intake will reduce your appetite. Researchers also found out that consumption of Capsaicin together with green tea made subjects feel less hungry and consume fewer calories. This study was conducted among twenty seven healthy volunteers.

The reason why the subjects felt less hungry and consumed fewer calories is because capsaicin helps decrease ghrelin (a hunger promoting hormone).

2. Metabolism

Thermogenesis (biological process of burning calories) is boosted when you take capsaicin.The themogenic property of capsaicin was proven in a study which involved a number of laboratories and animal studies.

3. Body Fat (ab coaster fitness)

Capsaicin helps in fighting the buildup of body fat. In a research conducted in the year 2010, rats were fed a high-fat diet. The outcome of the research showed that capsaicin stimulated certain proteins which are known to breakdown fat and consequently inhibit the actions of proteins involved in producing fat

Phen375 makes storing fat harder and burning fat easier. It is now easier for your body to burn the stored fat and not the muscle tissue thereby eliminating the problem of muscle deterioration often suffered by dieters.

Sympathomimetic Amine

This the last piece in the fat burning phen375 ingredients puzzle .This is a natural stimulant replacement important in supercharging the user’s metabolism. It’s main job is to increase the body’s natural production of what is called Norepinephrine. Norepinephrine aids in increasing fat mobilization and metabolic rates and is the key in helping you reach your weight loss goals.

Sympathomimetic amine increases cyclic AMP levels within the body. This increase in the enzyme boosts natural energy levels and thermogenic action to help you constantly burn fat by increasing your metabolism. This is how phen375 super charge your metabolism.

You will also feel higher levels of energy which also assists performance in cardio and strength training exercises when you use Phen375, Sympathomimetic Amime is the ingredient responsible for this great benefit.

Making Sure You Get the Most of Phen375

You will also notice on the Phen375 label that this weight-loss supplement contains 52mg of calcium. While calcium isn’t supportive of weight loss, it is known as the “transporter mineral.” It helps deliver all of the Phen375 ingredients to your body so you get the most of every single bit of the 800mg serving in 1 tablet. Phen375 uses only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients which are manufactured in an FDA approved lab. Not only are you getting the best possible formula of ingredients with Phen375, but the most potent ingredients for the best results!


Phen375 is a weight loss supplement which works in two main ways: it increases your metabolism while making it easier for your body to burn fats. Here is how Phen375 does it.


Thermogenesis is the natural process in which our bodies stay warm. Most of the calories which our bodies use daily are just for maintaining body temperature. A slight increase in your body temperature makes your metabolism to work much faster in order to provide energy (calories). As you probably already know, a fast metabolism is crucial for weight loss.

For every 0.5 degree Celsius increase in body temperature, your resting metabolism increases by approximately 7%. This means you will burn off more calories without even exercising. Thermogenesis also has a natural appetite-suppressing effect as well. This is because your body is focused on making energy and does not want to waste energy in the digestion process.

Thermogenesis occurs naturally in many ways. For example, when you fall sick, your body temperature rises in order to fight off infection. This is the reason why you have little appetite and lose weight when sick. Your body starts to shiver when you feel cold in order to increase your body temperature. Shivering consumes more energy and makes you to lose weight. Thermogenic effect can also be experienced from natural foods.

Three thermogenic potent supplements are present in Phen375: Capsaicin (chili pepper extract), Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride (geranium extract), and Trimethylxanthine (caffeine). With these natural thermogenic supplements combined into Phen375, you will be able to get an impressive metabolism boost and burn more calories while curbing your hunger cravings.

Turn Fats into Fuel

As we age or have health problems, our bodies lose their ability to efficiently burn fat. Instead of fat getting turned into energy, it instead gets stored on our bodies. With the help of Phen375, you can make sure your body is tapping into these fat reserves and turning them into usable energy.

To help you achieve this, Phen375 contains two main ingredients : L-carnitine (an amino acid) and Tongkat Ali (a tree extract). L-carnitine works by making your body to breakdown fats into the bloodstream so you can use them as energy. Tongkat Ali channels glucose (sugar) from fats into your metabolism. Your metabolism gets fueled by the sugars and then will burn off more fats. Tongkat Ali will also naturally boost your testosterone levels. Ultimately, this makes it harder for your body to store fats and it instead builds up muscle mass.

When you are burning fat efficiently, you not only get thinner, but also have more energy. All of that stored fat gets converted into energy which you can use to fuel you throughout the day. If you channel all this energy into a moderate exercise program, you will be able to see drastic weight loss in no time!


I did say that I will give my honest and unbiased review of Phen375 in my introductory statements of my lens, and to keep that promise, here is my unbiased review:

“My secretary lost a lot of weight while taking Phen375. I figured that she would just gain it all back afterward. That is why I was surprised when she kept eating healthily and stayed thin for a year afterwards. I just wish that I’d started using Phen375 earlier when she told me about it.” – Daniel, 43

“After 3 babies, I know it is normal to gain weight but I didn’t want to be content with this baby pudge. I tried dieting and started doing cardio three times a week but was really disappointed with the results. Once I started supplementing with Phen375, my weight loss quadrupled in the first two weeks. It died down a bit after the initial period but Phen375 still helped me meet my goals faster than I expected. I am very happy with your product and will gladly recommend it.” – Joanne, 36

“I heard about Phen375 when reading about Adipex and how bad it is. My big fear was that I’d get dependent on the pill. Phen375 didn’t give me any bad effects and I started to feel great right after taking it. Lost a total of 23 pounds. I am finally under the 200 pound mark and am losing more weight every day.” – Sarah, 25

“I’d never order a diet pill online except my doctor told me that it may help. I like that Phen375 contains hot peppers because I love spicy foods and now have reason to eat more of them. In 6 weeks of taking Phen375, I lost 22 pounds without dieting and just walking every other day. The amount of energy that these tablets give me is intense. I am reordering and will take Phen375 until I’ve lost at least a total of 40 pounds.” – M.R., 38

“I’ve been trying to lose weight for almost my whole life. I did Atkin’s diet, did step aerobics classes, became a vegetarian for a few months, and a bunch of other ideas. Of course, I just gained all the weight back as soon as the stupid diet was over or I stopped taking the magic weight loss pill. I’m glad I didn’t give up and gave Phen375 a try. This is the first time I’ve surpassed my goal and am finally a healthy weight. Best of all, I did it without having to change my life and follow stupid rules.” – Darleen, 31


This is the most common question that many dieters interested in Phen375 diet pill ask is, “Where Can I Buy Phen 375 ? Is It For Sale in Any Stores Like GNC or Pharmacies?” The answer to this is simply – no. You cannot buy it anywhere but the official website .Phen375 can be bought online at current price for phen375 is: 69.95$ for 30 tabs, 138.90$ for 60 tabs, 227.80$ for 90 tabs +30 FREE.

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